LionHeart: The Story

The story of LionHeart can be found in the collections offered in this store.  The founder, Kelly Whitehead, grew up in the small city of Ecorse, Michigan.  And he is proud to be a "church boy."  He grew up attending the Ecorse Seventh-Day Adventist Church, which is one block down, and two streets over from his childhood home.  Walking distance.  So, there was rarely a good reason to miss church.  After all, he needed as much time as possible to develop a strong relationship with God, and experience the things that taught him to say "Hallelujah!" 

Next, Whitehead is proud to be African-American.  Being proud to be Black in America means embracing one's heritage, culture, and identity with unwavering confidence and pride.  He is intentional in supporting EV'RYTHING BLACK, which involves actively seeking out and amplifying Black voices, businesses, art, and communities.  By supporting Black-owned businesses, promoting Black artists and creators, and engaging in meaningful conversations about race and justice, we can contribute to a more inclusive and equitable society where everyone, regardless of race, can thrive and be celebrated. 

And lastly, there's the bravery it takes to step out your own to become an entrepreneur. It takes a LionHeart to decide to become an owner, and not a consumer.  And everyone deserves the right to be an owner, regardless of race or background.  The owner of your time.  The owner of your finances.  The owner of your education, and the right to educate your children.  The owner of your property. 

These three elements of Whitehead's life are important in the development of LionHeart.  To be lionhearted means to be exceptionally courageous or brave.  These three elements have shaped Whitehead and helped him to develop, not only, a brand, but a formula to live by.  When facing adversity, or negative criticism, be lionhearted.  Be brave!  Be strong!